Altried Foundation

Sustainable refurbishment and extension. Competition 2008, 5th place.

Energy standard


Contract type / Realisation

Competition 2008 /

Building typology

Center for disable people



The occupants of the new building of the Altried Foundation are awaited by peace, individuality and security. The paved forecourt of high-quality character extends a warm reception. It connects the entrances to the existing residential home, the workshop and the new building. Guests may feel comfortable in the bright foyer and the adjoining lounge. The garden-view from the terrace ensures a positive sense of space. The orientation is clear: the new building, the wellness and the residential areas as well as the extended dining halls are directly accessible. The bathing, relaxation and training areas are in the close vicinity of the garden. An excess indoor height of 1.10m ensures harmonic spatial proportions by the swimming pool. Therapy areas and footpaths through the green spaces ensure an active and contemplative interaction with nature. Access to the private upper floors is generously conceived. A lobby (as a communicative element for the community) awaits the arrivals on each floor. In the daily routine, it also serves as an anteroom with the adjoining relaxation areas. The south-facing apartments offer living and private areas with optimal sunlight.

A glazed loggia supplements each room. The clearly structured apartments allow the inhabitants to interact, pass time or retire to solitude. The urban figure of the extended building complex comprises two outdoor spaces with various utilizations. In the focus of the spacious forecourt, main entrance, the access to workshops and to the residential areas stands a tall maple tree with a seating area. It separates the access road of the parking spaces from the walkways. The parking area can be used as a priority area. The existing Catalpa is unchanged. The generous park-like open space interwoven by a network of footpaths is inserted between Hirzenbach creek and the building. The existing vegetation of the creek banks is at some places thinned out and enhanced at others to achieve an enchanting trail of shady and sunny meadows. Vistas and views establish a relationship with the environment. Focal points such as the green workshop, the herbal garden, the movement therapy, the sound grove, the action field and the tranquility island are integrated into the park structure that offers a diversified utilization to meet the high demands of the Altried foundation inhabitants.

Altried Foundation provides a home and a community for disabled persons

We accompany and support the residents individually in the conservation and advancement of their living conditions. Therefore, we create an environment that gives them security, safety and well-being. We arrange everyday life in such a way that learning and development steps are supported. We would like to encourage residents to work as autonomously as possible, as well as in a community.