Pilot- und Demonstrationsprojekt, Hohlstrasse 100. Zürich

Minergie-A und P-ECO

Energy standard

Minergie-A and -P-Eco

Ordertyp / Realization

Direct order 2013 / 2015–17

Building typology

70 apartments, 408 c commercial

Floor area 6245 m



CHF 18.2 Mio.

Buikding owner

Zentrum für Immobilien AG, Zug


Pilot- and demonstration project

Winner Watt d’or 2018

Pilot- and demonatrationproject of new technology

The project comprises a six-storey new building, which forms the last part of an inner-city perimeter block development and the renovation and conversion of a two-storey commercial building from 1904 in the courtyard. The two buildings will house 70 one-half to three-and-a-half room apartments for short-term accommodation, a café and commercial space on the ground floor. The buildings are connected underground and are operated together.

The construction project in its inner city environment is exemplarily affected by one of the most important topics of modern urban development – the compression. With this initial situation, the project is ideally suited for pilot applications of new technologies, systems and materials. Five concepts are piloted or demonstrated on the project:

  1. Facade system with high-performance insulation (airgel) resulting in an ultra-thin facade to maximize usable space
  2. Window with vacuum insulation glass – Pilot application of a new technology
  3. Phase change materials in the facade to reduce heating and cooling energy
  4. Hot water monitoring with the aim of reducing consumption
  5. Plant monitoring – optimization of the relevant building technology systems

Development of a special soundproofing window, which allows the opening of the windows to the noisy street and the natural airing. Test at the EMPA Dübendorf.