Eulachhof, Wintherthur, CH – first zero-energy housing complex in Switzerland

Completed in 2007. Winner of the Swiss Solar Prize 2007, Lighthouse of 2000 watts, Watt d’Or 2009

Energy Standard: Minergie-P-ECO

Dietrich Schwarz Architects have developed a knowledge that enables the design and construction of zero-energy houses with low initial costs. The secret lies in the building concept: saving heating energy and encouraging solar gain.

The project involves the development of a new neighbourhood in an industrial wasteland. The plot boundaries are established by the existing fire walls. This allows seamless integration of the development into the multi-layered urban structure. The orientation of both main buildings ensures optimally sun-lit south facades throughout the year.

The southern facade is energy-optimized without compromising the comfort requirements and lifestyles of its inhabitants. Approximately sixty percent of the southern facade is comprised of triple-insulated glazing and solar glass developed by GLASSX. Solar radiation is stored in form of heat in the glass product itself, which subsequently emits heat inside the rooms. The integrated prism glass works like a protection against seasonal overheating in the summer. The opaque facade surfaces are made of roughly sawn and patina Douglas pine cladding.

First zero-energy housing complex in Switzerland, completed in 2007