Färbi, Schlieren – Sustainable office building

Passive solar office building, competition 2008, 1st prize

Energy standard

Passive building

Contract type / Realisation

Competition 2008 /

Building typology

Office building


Halter AG, Zürich

Study of the Färbi area – a sustainable office building.

The office building is a skeletal construction with a massive internal load-bearing structure; the facade is primarily glazed.

Special feature: horizontally arranged glass lamellas filled with Phase Change Material (PCM) are used for solar protection and energy efficiency, provided by Swiss firm GlassX AG.

GlassX façade solutions aim to minimize a building’s energy consumption while improving the comfort inside.

By incorporating PCM (Phase-Change-Material) into the glazing we bring together seemingly contradictory properties of construction materials: translucence, low u-value, variable solar gain and high thermal mass.

This makes it possible to build houses that are as warm and light as a green house in winter, but in summer stay pleasantly cool like a brick or concrete building.

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