The Geistlich-Area, Schlieren – Condominium

New Apartments/Condominium, project competition

Energy standard


Contract type / Realisation

Competition 2012 /

Building typology

Residential building


Geistlich Immobilia AG

Project description

The planned building volumes between the Brandstrasse and Rietpark are designed as six townhouses in form of terrace towers, called the Geistlich-Area. Supported by a slightly elevated base forming two courtyards, these volumes create the urban area.

The three-storey base of the towers is in a reasonable proportion to the common space defined by a continuum of courtyards featuring a varying of thematic gardens.

The urban density creates semi-public places with a strong identity inviting the visitors to linger. The body of the building reduces on the terraces. Due to the reduction of the tower, a spatial relationship is established which strengthens the unity of the composition.

The tower edges are rounded to the interior side; creating flowing spaces and generous visual connections between the buildings and the Rietpark. Body and space are interdependent.