High-rise residential building, near the Rietpark,
 Schlieren CH

1st place in competition . First residential high-rise 
in compliance with the Minergie-P-ECO standard (2013)

In our project «am Rietpark» the energy standard Minenergie-P-ECO was applied for the first time in a high rise building. The challenge was to achieve an optimized solar gain through the building envelope, while avoiding overheating during summer months and minimizing transmission loss in winter.

The result is a masonry building, assembled from large concrete elements, with a well-measured window proportion to achieve passive solar gains. Appropriate to the material used, the constructive ornament results in a fine tectonic, which gives the façade a liberating elegance.

In the new urban space the iconic building creates identity, it is rooted to the site, it is timeless. The Sustainable Building Design generates its own aesthetic, the new building culture manifests itself consciously.

According to Vitruvius, every building must bring into harmony the virtues of «firmitas, utilitas and venustas» [stability, functionality and beauty]. I am convinced that these qualities which have been pursued in architecture for 2000 years have been achieved in this project, resulting in a beautiful building which will remain sustainable well into the future.