Housing development Hauenstein area, Küttigen

Housing development in timber construction, project competition 2014, 2nd Prize

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Contract type / Realisation

Competition 2014 / 

Building typology

Residentiaö building


The tree nursery as genius loci

The genius loci of the new settlement lies in the history of the place. The old tree nursery has left a unique signature on the site. Abundant old trees and the parceling of the site according to the trees rows are the basis for the settlement design. Three subareas tell the story of the tree nursery. 

The first and the largest sub-area comprises the south site. There are delicate three-and-a-half storey residential buildings along the tree-lined alley. The alley becomes the “spine” of the project. In the south and southwest there are rental properties, while in the center there are condominiums.

The homogeneity of the building development is in focus. The apartments on each floor are spacious and extended by seasonal rooms.

The west edge of the site is formed by the Tannenbächlein. The stream is exposed on the north-west and meanders along the edge of the site. As a result, the water space becomes an important recreational area of the quarter.

The second sub-area that lies on the hillside of the east site is defined as multi-storey villa typology. Its explicit volume is carved out in a subtractive way creating terraces, balconies and grottos.

The northern area, the third sub-area, is more detached, but nevertheless, it is a central part of the development. This part is enthroned on the plateau above the entire tree nursery. The existing historical buildings define the courtyard situation. Two big new villas refer to this quality and complete the Hauenstein courtyard.