Housing development Hauenstein area Kuettigen, CH

Housing development in timber construction, project competition 2014, 2nd prize

The tree nursery as genius loci

The genius loci of the new settlement lies in the history of the place. The old tree nursery has left a distinctive signature on the site. The inventory of old trees and the subdivision of the topography by planting beds are the basis for the settlement draft. The project continues telling the story of the tree nursery with three architectonic topics.

In the south area the housing is composed of slender three and a half story high residential buildings lining up along the avenue with the tall trees. The avenue becomes the spine of the project which leads to the Tannenbächlein a small river in the west. The resulting water space becomes an important recreational area for the neighbourhood.


In the south and southwest there are rental properties, while in the center there are condominiums which have larger spaces and winter gardens. The structure and the facades of the buildings are in timber construction giving the settlement a homogenous and coherent appearance.

The next larger scale is made by a villa typology in the hillside of the area. Their clear volume is carved out in a subtractive way creating terraces, balconies and grottos.

In the north area there are existing historic buildings. Adding two large villas on the highest point of the tree nursery Farm Hauenstein is completed by a new courtyard.