NUWOG Competition for residential district, Neu-Ulm

Competition 2019, 2nd Prize

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Competition 2019 / 

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Project description

The guidelines of the new development area “Am Ulmer Hofgut” in Neu-Ulm are decisive for the design. Clear and compact features define the four-storey residential building in the new district of Ludwigsfeld both externally and internally. The newly planned ensemble fits naturally into the modern residential area. With its direct presence in the quarter and rhythmically structured façades, it creates urban density and identity. Simple means are used to create the architectural expression of a layered tectonics: an interplay between windows and horizontal façade plaster bands of different grain sizes and colours, which emphasizes the clear structure of the building. The cantilevered balconies on each side of the residential building also refer to the theme of layering: they break through the austerity of the cube and give the façades a plastic depth.

The building block consists of 115 residential units in total. The centrally located staircase with lift provides access to four different size apartments on each floor. The compact access makes an optimal use available of the space and fulfills the barrier-free building standard. The principle of optimal use of space is continued in each apartment. The entrance areas form a solid core connecting the adjoining bathrooms and open-plan kitchens. The living area forms the inner center of the apartment: it can be extended by balconies, thus gaining space and quality. Through the living area one reaches the bedrooms, each of which has its own balcony.

Different types of apartments are developed according to the different purpose of use. The building has a depth of 12 meters. This will result in 1-, 2.5-, 3.5- and 4.5-room apartments.

The inner building structure is based on economically optimized room depths of 4.25 meters. This allows floor plans with elongated living rooms along the façade, which provide optimal lighting conditions. Each apartment is oriented on two sides, so each of them has a connection to the garden in the southwest or at the front to the garden and the neighbourhood street. In the central zone of the apartments are the bathrooms, which are ventilated by a riser zone.