Im Bächli,Teufen CH, residential dwelling

Completed in 2007

«Im Bächli» in Teufen is a housing development, realized in the passive house standard, which is in harmony with the scale of the surrounding buildings. Building I includes four terraced houses, while the Building II is a multi-family house with four levels. The uniformity of the superstructure is illustrated by the identical design. Facade which is open towards north and south, demonstrates the restricted use of materials such as timber, glass and concrete. Horizontal windows facing north and the uniform distribution of windows follow the design concept of the traditional Appenzell house.

The pitched roof of Building I is side-gabled. It faces the valley and integrates the row houses into one large unit. The lightweight canopy above the entrances also provides cover for the seating areas in front of the dining room. Attached to the main buildings there are single-storey annex structures for bicycles and garden sheds, which are smaller in scale than the primary Appenzell structures. The stone concrete plinth extends into the complex and supports the two-story timber structure. An underground garage underneath Building I is accessed from the community road to the south.