Im Langacher, Greifensee – residential building

Energetic renovation 2012, PRIX LIGNUM 2012, 2. Prize, Region North. Realised

Energy standard

Minergie, ZH-4250 bis ZH-4264

Contract type / Realisation

Planing contract 2009-10 / 2011-12

Building typology

Residential building


Seewarte AG Zürich

Project description

«Im Langacher», Greifensee: a Göhner housing estate from 1967, was completely redeveloped. Since the construction of the complex (comprising 87 flats in six buildings) there was no major renovation implemented. There was a need for an extensive redevelopment since the annual maintenance was correspondingly uneconomical.

The redevelopment concept of Minergie-P-Eco standard without comfort ventilation (and therefore with no certificate) was presented to the client. This solution was the most sustainable and is adequate for the next 30 years. An important part of the assignment was to ensure the profitability of the energy-efficient redevelopment. Due to the economically efficient selection of a pre-fabricated wooden facade it was possible to carry out the refurbishment works with inhabited flats. In addition to its economic benefits the use of wood upgraded and redefined the appearance of the facade and ensured the best possible energetic refurbishment.

Future renovation cycles were considerably extended due to the high-quality of the envelope. An important enhancement of the quality of the flats was the conversion of the balconies to winter-gardens. Existent private outdoor spaces were widened and included in the insulation perimeter. This allowed a total elimination of the existing thermal bridges in the balconies, while more space was made available to the occupants to be used throughout the year.

The implemented refurbishment concept allowed the building interior to be adjusted to present-day standards with minimal intervention. The connection between living, cooking and dining was established. Kitchens and bathrooms were rebuilt as part of the internal refurbishment.

A concept balancing the social, economic and ecological parameters of sustainability was developed for the client that resulted in a win-win situation for both the flat owners and tenants.