Housing Development “LIVIO”, Bülach

Housing in Minergie-Standard, Realised

Energy standard

Minergie, (ECO criteria fulfilled – but not certificated)

Contract type / Realisation

Direct commission 2011 / 2014–15

Building typology

Residential building


Credit Suisse Anlagestiftung Real Estate Switzerland Residential

Project description

The settlement “LIVIO” is located in the eastern part of the old town Bülach and redefines the location on the Kantonsschulstrasse. Regarding to the clear urban development, the five-story building responds to the large volumes of the cantonal school. Two stepped rows of townhouses “MITTE” and “WEST” follow the landscape and form the spatial composition of the settlement. The height of the three-storey rows refers to the single-family houses to the south and the west.

The neighbourhood has a good infrastructure, public and automobile connections to Zurich and to Zurich-Kloten airport are fully developed. The urban integration of the settlement contrasts with the generous green spaces around it. Play and quiet zones are cleverly separated from each other by means of landscape architecture. A fine system of paths, small bicycles pavilions and containers create a pleasant outer environment.

The cubic “TOWER HOUSE”

The big TOWER HOUSE” offers 19 apartments. Due to the square floor plan every apartment has views in two directions. Beautiful views open up to the inhabitants. The loggias in the corners – the “season rooms” – extend the living room of the larger apartments into a valuable space.

The “TOWER HOUSE ” shares the playground and resting areas with the two terraced houses in the west. Long hedges follow the topography separating private gardens from public green zones and lawn surfaces. The apartment house also offers direct access to the garage, where there also are charging stations for electric vehicles.

The terraced houses “CENTER” and “WEST”

All houses are built in the energy standard Minergie and feature a contemporary interior design. Both terraced houses offer 19 units in a mix of 3.5- to 5.5-bedroom apartments. They are built in split-level concept. Thanks to this arrangement, the surfaces are better used, the apartments feel spacious and bright.

Each townhouse has a small entrance niche, a roof terrace and also a sitting area in the back side – ideal private outdoors retreats, clearly separated from the common green areas of the settlement.

Moreover, every apartment has a private cellar, a separate laundry room and direct access to the garage. The row houses are surrounded by large playgrounds and resting areas: in the south there is a climbing wall with wooden poles and ropes, another playground lays between the community plaza and the row houses and provides an added value for the families.