Zurich, CH – Sustainable housing development

Study contract, sustainable housing development, submitted in 2009,  
2nd place


The study examines and expands the theme of a garden city in Schwamendingen in Zurich. The master plan allows the existing landscape of lawns and meadows to flow around the buildings. Blossoming trees enhance the park-like atmosphere. The network of paths is occasionally extended to a series of small squares that are ideal for playing and leisure activities. Two squares on the boundaries of the area form the interface with the urban quarter. The stream is integrated into the project and enriches the open spaces. The apartments on the ground floor have a slightly lowered outdoor seating area that is shaded by the trees in the park.

One hundred and six individual flats are based on the same principle: the staircase core and service rooms form a cross so that four optimally lit main living zones are created. In buildings with one flat per floor, these areas are individually defined rooms with a wide view; in buildings with two and three flats per floor, these are further divided into sleeping, living and dining areas and partially amended by private areas. This leaves room for leisure-time activities ranging from the home office to music. Living in the park is conceived in different ways: comfortable seating areas under the trees in the garden, spacious terraces in the treetops and open winter-gardens above the crowns define the unique outdoor spaces.