Inter- generation residential building – Westlich Albertinum, Neu-Ulm

Competition 2008, 1st Prize.  Thomas Wechs Prize 2015 – BDA Architectural prize for Schwaben, Realised

Energy standard

EnEV 2007 – 60%

Contract type / Realisation

Competition 2008 / 2010–13

Building typology

Residential building


NUWOG Wohnungsgesellschaft der Stadt Neu-Ulm

Project description

The building was realized for several generations in the former barracks site in New Ulm. The simple, solid structure fits into the ensemble of barracks and through its acquired position creates a courtyard in the south

The central entrance leads to the meeting rooms, which are the heart of the building. The circulation areas also serve a function of a higher importance: the broad corridors and two-storey areas aim to create spaces which enable the inhabitants to mingle in as semi-public area and meet and talk to their neighbors. The importance of such meeting areas can be derived from the following phenomenon: in urban areas, one may often see old people sitting comfortably at the windowpanes with a cushion, spending most of their time waiting for the neighbors with whom they can interact. The kitchen, which is traditionally the most social space in a house, is in this case also the connecting point to all rooms of the apartments.

All apartments are south facing and have two access points to the garden: the completely open-able loggia connects the garden with the living room, while the French balconies create a sense of outdoor space in the bedrooms.

The apartments are built in accordance with DIN 18025 Part 2 “Barrier-free dwellings,” enabling the residents to remain in their familiar surroundings, even if their mobility is reduced.

A special quality of the building is the façade design, which is a based on a well-balanced combination of monolithic walls with exceptional thermal insulation properties and innovative solar storage glass. During summer these translucent façade elements contribute to cooling and in winter times they assist in storing the solar energy and subsequently radiating the heat to the internal areas.