Retirement residence, Domat Ems

Awarded Swiss Solar Prize 2006 and DETAIL Prize 2007 – Special Prize for Energy-efficient Building, Realised

Energy standard

Minergie GR-P 003

1st Phase / 2nd Phase

2004 / 2015

Building type

Individual building in local design plan


Casa Falveng retirement and nursing home, Domat/Ems

Project description

After the demolition of a former sawmill area in Domat Ems and in the close proximity of the retirement home, the opportunity arose to build a house for the elderly. The site is located near the Falveng Tuma near the recreational area. Generous window openings frame the views to the north, while the south facing facade is an open glass and metal construction.

The central theme of the buildings composition is the needs of its residents. Spacious accessible apartments with world-class facilities give every resident the opportunity to make his privacy a sense of individually with their own furniture. All apartments are south facing.