Solarhouse II, Gelterkinden

Passive House 1999, Realised

Energy standard

Passive house

Contract type / Realisation

Direct commission 1998 / 1998-99

Building typology

Single family house



Project description

Solarhouse ll is a passive house. During its construction, the focus was on the low initial costs as well as solar architecture. It was industrially pre-fabricated and completed as a timber structure. The building‘s cross-section has an ideal room depth of 5.5 m for solar houses and it has a winter garden in the front. This forms the transparent heat insulation (TWD) of the house, which is 1.8 m deep and extends over the entire south facade. Two full-surface insulating glazing elements (U-value of 1.1 W / (m² K), g-value 0.6) separate the winter garden from the exterior and form the living room.

With the application of the TWD in the winter garden, the building gains spatial quality with an impressive view of the southern side, while preventing the additional energy-related expenses. Incident solar light is absorbed by the dark concrete surfaces of the winter garden throughout the year.

In winter, it is additionally absorbed by the surfaces in the residential area. Dark floors increase the energy input only marginally and prevent temperature fluctuations since the incident light can be directly dissipated as thermal energy in the concrete storage mass.

Overheating protection is easy and safe. If energy inputs are excessively high in the winter, the outer winter garden glazing is opened to carry off the absorbed heat. In summer, the winter garden is completely open and its ceilings provide shade to the living room area efficiently.

The principle of energy-optimized construction was implemented in the building using compact architecture and unrestricted glazing to the south. This ensures adequate light inside the rooms and a directly connected, attractive winter garden. The imposing south glazing and the spacious wooden facade with frameless horizontal windows in the corner characterize the external appearance.