Solar house III, Ebnat-Kappel

Awarded Swiss Solar prize 2001

Energy standard

Zero-energy building

Contract type / Realisation

Direct commission 1999 / 2000

Building typology

Single family house



Project description

The building costs of the Solar House III were around CHF 550’000. Thus it is a very favourable zero-energy house including a garage, home office and storage space. This building was constructed using prefabricated timber elements with excellent properties. The south facade is made of a translucent solar storage wall with paraffin as PCM (Phase Change Material).

All living spaces are located in proximity of these panels. By mounting the interior with a mono-pitched roof to the south, the solar gain area was increased. The storey-high window between the solar panels facing south make the interior appear bright and open. The horizontal windows on the north facade frame the view down the valley. The building was constructed in four months in summer / autumn 2000.