Solarhouse I, Domat/Ems

Awarded the Swiss Solar Prize 1996, Realised

Energy standard

Zero energy building

Contract type / Realisation

Direct commission 1995 / 1995-96

Building type

Single family house



Project description

Solar House l is a zero-energy house which was built in Domat/Ems in 1996. The site is between Calanda and Dreibündenstein in a narrow Rhine valley. The house is situated parallel to the valley. It is a solar house with light impermeable facade. High solar collectors are installed in the east, south and west facades and are separated with story-high windows. Since the energy input from north is extremely low, an energy storage unit to the north is obsolete.

As a result, the entire north facade was designed as a light wall with a panorama window. The envelope is made out of concrete and is used as a mass storage unit. Indoor rooms are primarily made of bare concrete walls that work as a giant tiled stove, which emits stored energy as pleasant radiant heat and fills the spaces with a Mediterranean climate.