Urban development Torfeld South, Aarau

Competition 2011

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Contract type / Realisation

Competition 2011 /

Building typology

Urban development


Mobimo Management AG

The City as a Village

The design of the new urban neighborhood follows the principle of creating a «to be at home feeling» among the residents. Although the buildings create large compact forms, they differ from each other in their setting and volumetry. Thus they define their own identity and render outdoor spaces liveable due to their proximity. Social proximity leads to safety and tolerance as the people from the neighborhood are familiar with each other. A network of public facilities brings people of different backgrounds together. The existing buildings were purposefully integrated and interwoven into the area’s network of connections in order to establish identity. The old and familiar gets a new status value. The «file rouge» of the concept is the city as a village.

In the newly developed area, the new and existing buildings offer a variety of housing types for a diverse group of tenants and is suitable to accommodate the needs of a vital community. The range may cover tenant segments: town villa near the park for the elderly, terraced house with a garden for young families with children, atrium houses with a concierge for high-income urban residents, the tower that rises over the city for the elderly, singles and double income couples without kids, ground floor flats with separate entrance for families with children, duplex townhouses for singles and DINKS, the apartments on Buchserstrasse for the budget-conscious residents.

Shops and businesses are placed along the busy Buchserstrasse to evoke the desired appeal with public character to attract consumers, while providing interesting meeting places for the residents to mingle and interact.