LGT Bank Liechtenstein

Competition 2019

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Contract type / Realisation

Competition 2019 / 

Building typology

Bank- and office building


LGT Bank

Project description

For a development of the Altenbach area, an open block edge is chosen as a building type. At the same time, the transition of the quarter to the neighbourhood is maintained. The two new building volumes on Altenbach and Egertastrasse are integrated in the existing development plan. At the lower Altenbach, the building has five floors, plus the base for the site elevation. This building takes up the existing building lines at Altenbach. It also represents the outer anchorage for the new district square, but unlike Adler house, it remains on the background. On Egertastrasse, the building height is fixed at four floors, but the new floor height for the modern office buildings is planned to be 3.50 meters. As a result, the back residential district, with its hillside location, has sufficient visibility and enough sunlight.

The large-volume auditorium with foyer is set as a base structure under the green inner courtyard and is not intended to be a visually independent structure. Therefore, the density of the town square is relieved. In the urbanistic setting of an open block edge, the ensemble can also be extended by future buildings. A large-volume atrium is set at Altenbach to Egertastrasse. On Egertastrasse, two compact building volumes follow the street line. The inner courtyard becomes a sequence of three well-proportioned, different green spaces. In order to that, the entire development area will benefit from this parkway.

Green Oasis

In the heart of the new quarter a green oasis is located above the underground parking garage. It forms a smooth terracing of the green outside spaces with one-storey steps. In respect to the vegetation, the earth filling is built up into the plant islands, which are accompanied by the seating edges. The landscape from mountain pines, ferns and bushes is a mountain forest oriented, as it grows naturally in the close vicinity. The green oasis carries the restful nature in the middle of the office workplace. It invites contemplative idling or social interaction.