The “Amt für Raum und Wald” (engl. Office for Spatial Planning and Forestry) has published a new brochure on the subject of internal settlement development. It serves as a means of aid for districts to further develop settlements in an focused manner.

The new measures of regional planning aim to dissuade the usage of land for denser settlements. These measures for internal development are not only meant for urban agglomerations, but also for rural areas. The department for Construction and Economics of the cantonal “Amt für Raum und Wald” actively supports the districts in this task and published the new brochure for this purpose.

The brochure lays a baseline of knowledge to manage processes as well as demonstrate how areas with potential for densification can be evaluated and developed with high quality. Furthermore, it encourages practical solutions for aesthetic quality and emphasizes which criteria need special attention and which arguments can be used for the evaluation of intended construction projects. These pointers are meant as references to help integrate new buildings into the existing matrix.